2020 Interior Design Trends

2020 Interior Design Trends
Fri May 29, 2020

Our design team reveals a few of the trends that will be popping up in our homes this year.


Put your mark on it with patterns. This will take your interior space to the next level so get comfortable with mixing and matching patterns. Layering patterns on walls, pillows and textiles really adds a fun pop to the room.

Put your mark on it with patterns



"On Trend"

Well-decorated now means a space that responds to the homeowners tastes and emotions, rather than a response to the latest-and-greatest post on Instagram, or cover from their favorite design magazine. It is an inward focus on what is "on trend" and what you are liking now.

2020 interior design trends




Timeless style that can evolve and long-term considerations for spaces. Smaller, higher quality spaces and fewer, higher quality pieces make homeowners feel more at ease with how they function in their own homes.

2020 interior timeless style