6 Ideas for your Luxury Kitchen Remodel

6 Ideas for your Luxury Kitchen Remodel
Wed Oct 26, 2022

Open up your kitchen

Open concept kitchens are more than just beautiful. They are changing the way we host our people. Having an open kitchen means time with family and friends. It means cooking in the kitchen while visiting with friends and family. It also means better workflow. You can more easily organize your space to accommodate the stages of your cooking routines. Kitchens are the heart of the house. The right kitchen remodel can revolutionize your whole house.

New Countertops

Countertops change the visual feel of your kitchen and also enable you logistically. Marble countertops are luxurious and wooden countertops are warm and inviting. Whatever your style, changing the countertops in your kitchen can do a lot to renovate the space. You can change so much in one fell swoop by just focusing on that one detail. How would you change your countertops?

Add a Breakfast Nook

A cozy breakfast nook is so inviting. Do you have a beautiful place to eat your breakfast? Building a cushioned nook around a window is such a sweet addition to any kitchen. If you love your view, talk to our remodeling team about how to add windows so you can bring it inside. Your kitchen remodel can go such a long way for helping your home enable your lifestyle.

Add an Open Shelf

Your kitchen workflow is important. The way you are able to use your space determines how you feel about it. Adding an open shelf can give you immediate access to everything you use most. Show off your beautiful plateware and appliances in an open space where your guests can enjoy them.

Add an Appliance Garage

Many of our clientele keep state of the art kitchens with all the latest appliances. For the appliances you do not want to display, install an appliance garage. It's a little enclave with room for plenty of appliances built into a wall or a set of cabinets. It's a great way to keep the tools you need within reach while keeping them out of sight. Imagine all your appliances organized and ready to go as soon as you open one cabinet.

Change Your Lighting

Kitchen remodels can refresh a whole house. Lighting is such an important element in any room. It sets the mood for everyone. People usually love their kitchens to be bright and warm. It is a productive space where light is practical. Updating the lighting can feel like a breath of fresh air.

Cullum Homes' Remodeling department is the best in the Scottsdale area. They have all the tools and experience to help you get your home to flow and work exactly the way you want it to. You know your home best. Where do you think a remodel could serve you? Maybe you want our interior design team to give you the latest on all the best new appliances. Or maybe you want to take out a wall to build an open concept. Our team is ready when you are, contact us today.

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