If you want to build a custom home, you may wonder: is building a custom home worth it? The short answer is: yes, it is! There are so many benefits to building a custom home. Not only do you get to live in luxury, but you get to bring your dream home to life.

No matter how excited you are about your future home, you may not know where to start. We at Cullum Homes believe that your custom home building experience should be as luxurious as the home itself. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the custom home building process. Keep reading to learn about the major steps to building a custom home so you can build your dream home!

Outline Your Budget

Before you dive into the steps of building a custom home, you’ll need to outline your budget. A budget is necessary to guide your spending through each step of this process.

So, how can you figure out your budget? Unless you’re a custom home builder or designer yourself, you likely don’t know how much things might cost. That’s why it’s crucial to talk to the team of experts at the one-stop-shop luxury home builder firm, Cullum Homes! You can get an idea of construction costs and talk to the Cullum Homes architecture and design team for a comprehensive overview.

Cullum Homes has a unique approach to determining the cost of your custom home. Usually, there is a lot of back and forth between the different professionals you contract to design and build your home. Typically, once your architect has designed your home, you would then take that design to a home builder to get a quote on the cost to build your home. If this quote is over your budget price, you then have to go back to your architect to redraw your home.

Understandably, this back and forth can be pretty frustrating. At Cullum Homes, we firmly believe that the process of building your custom home should be fun and not stressful. That’s why the Cullum Homes team has streamlined this process by conducting each step of this process in-house.

Cullum Homes has better control over the cost of your home because we know what each building component will cost. When building a custom home with Cullum Homes, you’ll know the exact price of your home upfront. The price won’t change throughout the process unless changes are made to your home design.

Once you have a decent grasp on your budget, it’s time to move on to the next step: picking your home site.

Choose Your Future Homesite

The land for your dream house should be as magnificent as the home itself. That’s why picking the best homesite for your custom home is crucial!

There are several factors to consider when looking at potential homesites. As you examine homesites, start with questions like:

  • Do you like the neighborhood? Are the neighbors too close, or is the distance between houses just right?
  • Does the homesite have enough land for you to spread out the way you want to?
  • Is having a beautiful view important? If so, does your homesite promise a gorgeous view of your surroundings?
  • If you have kids, Is the homesite within the school district your kids go to or would like to go to in the future?

If you need help finding the right homesite for you, Cullum Homes can help.

We take the time to understand your custom home vision. Plus, as your one-stop-shop for building a custom home, we have a comprehensive understanding of every step in the process.

When Cullum Homes assists you in the homesite selection process, we assess every aspect of your future homesite. This includes factors such as the cost of the land, and construction possibilities, such as landscaping, architecture, design and more.

Another benefit of Cullum Homes’ homesite selection service is the Cullum Homes luxury communities. Cullum Homes has numerous premiere homesites in the Valley’s most prestigious communities.

By and large, Cullum Homes ensures that the homesite you choose aligns with your vision. With the perfect piece of land, you’re ready to move on to the next step: designing your future home!

Plan Your Home’s Architecture, Interior & Exterior Design

Now, it’s time to let your creativity loose! Start by envisioning what you need, want and don’t want in your custom home. It’s highly recommended that you put together visual examples of these to show your architect. These examples give your home builder direction on what you are and aren’t looking for in your future home.

When designing your home with your custom home builder, you’ll want to cover the following aspects:

  • How big should your home be? This should include how many stories you want and the general size your rooms should be. If you’ve got a big family, you might prioritize a home that’s big enough for everyone.
  • Is there a home layout your heart is set on having? Ask yourself what room(s) you want to prioritize the most. For example, if you love to cook, you may want to prioritize a spacious kitchen!
  • What do you like in your current home that you want to see in your custom home? What about things you don’t like?
  • What structural features are you looking for in your custom home? This can be a broad category, but it is an important one! Maybe you’re in love with the idea of a large walk-in closet, or you want a cozy exercise room.
  • What rooms should be adjacent to one another? What rooms shouldn’t? You should feel comfortable with where your rooms will be in your custom home. For example, do you want your laundry room next to your master bedroom?
  • What should be the style of your interior design? This is another broad category, but it can help guide your more detailed interior design choices. Ask yourself if your entire home should follow one style of interior design or if you’d rather have an eclectic style. If so, how might you tie together the design flow in your custom home?
  • What fit and finish should each room have? This will likely be something you decide when you design each room. As an example, let’s look at the choices you might make when designing your kitchen.
    • What should the color scheme be?
    • What textures would you like in your kitchen?
    • Do you want a tile backsplash in your kitchen? If so, what pattern, colors or texture would you like?
    • How about the appliances for your kitchen? Do you want a sleek design that seamlessly integrates your appliances? Or would you like your appliances to be the focus of the room?
    • What type of finish do you want for your cabinets? How does this finish fit into your chosen color scheme?
  • How should you utilize your spacious yard? Do you frequently entertain guests on your patio? How should your outdoor space be designed to optimize comfort and style?
  • Other questions involve landscaping, in general. Is there a particular design style you’d like for your landscape? Do you want a cobblestone path or do you prefer the look of a Roman bathhouse? The sky truly is your limit when you design your landscape!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you can design in your home, but it’s a great place to start. In the end, you’ll want to make sure you work closely with your home builder. You can share your ideas with your team and get feedback on what’s doable and what concepts need adjusting. With your design ready to go, all you need to do is sit back and relax as your expert team begins construction.

Live In Luxury In A Cullum Homes Custom Built House!

By now, you have a better understanding of how you can make your dream home real. The final step will be bringing together the right team for your project. Understandably, finding an architect, designer and construction team on your own can be time-consuming. Thankfully, you don’t have to!

Instead of finding these experts individually, you can find all of them under one roof at Cullum Homes. Cullum Homes has over 35 years of experience to create the finest custom home building experience. Cullum Homes utilizes an award-winning interactive software system that unites Cullum Home’s team with their homeowners, emphasizing the client experience.

Cullum Homes is ready to guide you throughout the entire custom home building process. From picking the perfect homesite to creating a home design that you fall in love with,

Cullum Homes builds your custom home with care.

Ready to begin the custom home building process? Contact the team at Cullum Homes today by calling (480) 949-2700 or online to get started today!