Making the decision to find a new home is an exciting one. After all, this is your opportunity to bring your dream home to life!

There are numerous decisions to make during your search—from where your new home will be to important items on your design wishlist. Before you dive into the house hunt, you’ll likely wonder: Should I build or buy my home?

When deciding between building a custom home vs. buying an existing home, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for. For example, are you in need of a new home within a certain time frame? Do you crave more customization with your future home?

To help you decide between building a custom home vs. buying, we’ve broken down the benefits of each option. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of building a Cullum Homes custom home vs. buying a Cullum Home.

Benefits Of Building A Custom Home Vs. Buying New Construction

Time Invested

How long a home project will take is a major factor when deciding between building a custom home vs. buying. If you have children or if you’re getting married, you’ll likely want your home move-in ready by a certain time. Even if you don’t have a major life event coming up, it’s important that your home is ready when you are.

So, how long does it take to build a home vs. buying an existing home? It takes more time to build a custom home than it would to simply buy one. The reason that a custom home takes more time is due to the building process.

Cullum Homes believes it is necessary to take our time to understand a client’s vision. By doing so, our team ensures that the design process and the architecture process is as thorough as possible through software and visualization techniques. This client-focused approach creates a streamlined and enjoyable custom home building experience.

Level of Customizability

Another factor to look at with building or buying a home is customizability. Your home should reflect who you are and, most importantly, align with your vision. Thus, customizability is key when it comes to your new home.

Typically, the customization of an existing home will occur once you’ve bought it. This customization comes in the form of home renovations and remodels. Understandably, the needs of your family will evolve, so your home should too. Let’s say you buy an existing home, and you’d like to make changes to the downstairs bathroom. To achieve this, you can partner with an experienced renovation team like Cullum Homes. The customer-focused approach that Cullum Homes uses during the remodeling and renovation process ensures that your home is renovated to your expectations. Their team keeps you updated during the remodeling process so you know when your newly remodeled home is ready.

Conversely, building a custom home allows the homeowner to customize each aspect of their home. Cullum Homes offers a unique integrated customization process that combines homesite selection, architecture, interior design and construction management. The level of customizability from Cullum Homes makes building a custom home a great stress-free option for the creative homeowner.

Build Or Buy: Which To Choose

By and large, the right choice for your new home depends on what you want. What process can best help you bring your dream home to life?

There are advantages and disadvantages to building a custom home vs. buying an existing home. When building a custom home with Cullum Homes, you won’t ever have to settle. Instead, the expert team at Cullum Homes works with each client to create a luxurious home that exceeds their expectations.

Cullum Homes also offers for-sale models that are move-in ready. Our team prides itself on our custom home building process, but we also have move-in ready product for customers who do not want the hassle or have the time to build a home. Cullum Homes truly has something for everyone!

This client-focused service doesn’t stop once a homeowner has moved into their new home. If something in your custom or move-in ready home stops working, Cullum Homes offers peace of mind through its Concierge Service Division. Through these comprehensive services, Cullum Homes ensures that each homeowner feels cared for and at home in their custom home.