You have made it to the point in your life where you are the proud owner of a luxury home. Your house is clean, comfortable, and everything you have ever dreamed of for you and your family.

The only problem? The amount of work it takes to keep your household in its finest form. From cleaning to running home to meet the plumber to scheduling time for the floors to be refinished, home upkeep is a full-time job. Not only do these menial tasks add extra stress to your life, but they can also take away precious time from work or family.

For this reason, many owners of luxury homes choose to invest in home concierge services. Concierge home care can save you time and energy, giving you the freedom to focus on what is really important to you. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of home concierge services and how the Cullum Home Concierge division can help you achieve peace of mind. 

What are Home Concierge Services?

Home concierge services are maintenance services to assure proper upkeep and care of your home. Concierge home care can range from small tasks such as a light bulb replacement to more intensive services such as drywall repairs. In simplest terms, they are services that make sure you can always come home to your house ready to enjoy.

Say you have a maintenance need, such as a leaking faucet. Between your work obligations, time with loved ones, and outings in your community, you can never seem to find the time to take care of the drip. 

This is where your concierge crew comes in. The Cullum Home concierge team will not only come out and assess the problem, but we will also call the plumber and schedule a time for them to come to the house. We will even take care of meeting them on-site to make sure the job is done correctly. 

Think of us as the union between your contractors and your home; we will make sure you never have to spend another sunny afternoon inside waiting on the plumber. Our concierge service is focused on making sure that everything is clean and is working in your house, without you ever having to be involved. 

We can arrange for services like landscaping, house cleaning, pool maintenance, interior design, childproofing and furniture needs, all the way to driving your car around the block to keep it from sitting in the garage over the summer months. 

What Kind of Services Does My Home Need?

Not sure what kind of upkeep your house needs? Here is a list of common home care services:

  • House cleaning
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Pool / Spa cleaning
  • Pest / Rodent control
  • Salt checks
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Shower drain cleaning
  • Automatic door tune-ups
  • Elevator maintenance 
  • Ice maker and water filter check
  • Window washing
  • Fire sprinkler check
  • Fireplace maintenance 
  • Roof inspection
  • Wood floor maintenance 
  • Foam roof recoat
  • Water softener check
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Exterior / Interior paint
  • Termite checks

Don’t see what you need on this list? Take a look at Cullum Home’s full list of maintenance services, along with our recommended frequency of service.

Benefits of Concierge Home Care

Now that we have established what concierge services are, let’s talk about some of the benefits. Here are a few reasons why people choose to invest in a concierge home service:

  • Coming home to a clean and functional home. There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to kick back at the end of the day in a freshly cleaned space. 
  • No more home maintenance stress. Instead, you can enjoy the luxury of your home without worrying over every little detail. 
  • Peace of mind knowing that your home is being looked after and maintained, whether you are home or halfway around the world. No matter where you are, your home doesn’t have to be a cause for worry. 
  • A shortened to-do list. With only so much time in a day, reducing your to-do list is a must. 
  • No more home tasks falling through the cracks. That leaking faucet we mentioned early? It’s taken care of before you can even think of searching for a plumber. 

Concierge Home Services Can Take Care of Your Personal Needs

Imagine you just left town for a critical work trip to present new information to your board of directors. You check into your hotel room and as you're unpacking your suitcase you realize with shock… that you forgot your laptop at home. 

Luckily, you have a concierge team in your corner. You give them a call, and they run over to your house to grab your laptop sitting on the living room couch. They ship it to you overnight, and it is delivered to you in time for you to successfully run your meeting the next afternoon. Crisis averted!

In summary, concierge home services can make your life easier. Whatever your needs, Cullum Home Concierge can meet them.

Maintain Your Home with Cullum Home’s Concierge Services

At Cullum Homes, we believe custom homes need customized care. We want you to be able to come home and enjoy your home without having to add anything else to your to-do list. 

That’s why we started our Home Concierge Division, which offers a variety of services to keep your home clean and protected all year long. 

Ready to relieve the stress of home maintenance? Shorten your to-do list and rest assured your property is in good hands by contacting us today.