Construction Management

Our methods, components and processes are continuously changing and updating as new and better options become available in the market.

“Quality construction” at Cullum Homes means constantly researching and employing the materials and methods that produce an exceptionally beautiful and carefully crafted home that performs at the highest level. Some notable examples of our industry-leading products and techniques include:

• Air Conditioning and heating systems that utilize variable refrigerant velocity and
variable refrigerant temperature technologies

• Indoor air management systems that help produce cleaner, healthier homes

• Tankless hot water and ventless attic construction techniques

And Meticulous
Attention To Detail
Our experienced team received a prestigious national award for our innovative and comprehensive approach to providing a client-friendly communications and selections process. This “one-stop shop” includes contract documents, spec sheets, selections, change orders, photos, question and answer dialogue, approvals and work authorizations, all organized by job and available to our homeowners and team members at any time.
I had the opportunity to work with Cullum Homes over 5 years ago. They provide superior service and their workmanship/quality is like no other builder out there. Cullum Homes should be your only phone call when it comes to a new build or remodel. They are up to date with all of the latest trends and stay ahead of the latest construction techniques. They are a family owned company that really cares about their clients as well as their employees. A Cullum Home is built to last a lifetime. Once you live in one there is no going back....
-Realtor Associate