You’ve fallen in love with your home, from the breathtaking sunsets out your bay windows to the stunning entryway that welcomes you home each day. And yet, there are elements of your home that don’t quite match your dreams.

If you’ve decided to take the leap and upgrade your space, you have two choices to make — a renovation or a remodel. There are a handful of factors to consider as you choose, such as the average cost to renovate a house. Keep reading to learn more about home renovations and the factors that influence this cost. 

What is a Home Renovation? 

A renovation or remodel creates a beautiful blend of the old and new in your home. Instead of tearing down the existing space, a renovation utilizes the framework of your current home to make upgrades. This means that you can keep those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows but update them with some modern trim. 

A renovation or remodel may be just what you need to maintain the structural integrity of the home you love while still designing the space of your dreams. But how will this impact your budget? We’ll break down factors that affect renovation costs below. 

Average Cost to Renovate a House

As you plan for an upgrade, you’ll want to prepare your budget based on the average cost to fully renovate your house. 

Of course, there are more than a few factors that will influence this cost, such as the size of your home. Knowing the square footage of your home and the extent of the upgrades you intend to make is an excellent start to determining the final cost to fully renovate your house. Read on for more renovation costs factors to consider. 

Cost Influences to Consider

Before you finalize the renovation plan, you’ll want to understand the factors that play into a renovation cost. Speak with your renovation consultant to determine the average cost to renovate your house. Consultants like those at Cullum Homes can walk you through the entire process and break down each element of the final cost. 

Size of Home

The first factor to consider is the size of your home. The average cost to renovate a three-bedroom home will differ from that of a five- or six-bedroom home. When you’re ready to meet with a renovation consultant, come prepared with the square footage of your home so they have a clear picture of what this renovation will entail. They’ll be able to provide you with the average cost per square foot to renovate your house so you can prepare your budget. 

Extent of Project

In addition to the size of your home, you’ll want to consider the extent of the renovation. Will you be completing minor renovations, such as new kitchen countertops, or renovating the entire space? Are you planning to renovate every room in your home or just a few? The more square footage you plan to renovate, the more your final cost will be. 

Type of Material

Marble countertops are more expensive than granite. Wooden cabinets are more expensive than lacquer. The type of materials you choose to complete your renovation is a major factor to consider when estimating the average cost to renovate your house. However, don’t let this price deter you — if marble countertops are your dream, your renovation consultant can help you find the most affordable option. 

Structural Support

As your construction team begins the renovation process, your desired renovations may need additional structural support or minor changes. While these adjustments won’t make any significant change to the structural design of your home, they may incur additional costs. It’s best to plan an extra cushion in your budget to prepare for any last-minute renovation needs. 

Code Compliance 

Lastly, code compliance may add to the average cost to renovate your house. Depending on the extent of your renovation, you may need additional electrical or plumbing work or a minor expansion to your space. These adjustments need to meet city code compliance. If this is the case, it may add a minimal cost increase to your final project to cover the cost of inspections. 

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