Cullum Homes Begin Work on Record $75m Residential Property in Paradise Valley

Since 1985, Cullum Homes has been constructing award-winning homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona. Now, we are taking things to the next level in partnership with WOW Luxury Properties as work begins on the luxurious Palo Cristi Estate.

This property is more than a home. It is a modern masterpiece of architecture and design. The land was purchased by WOW Luxury Properties last April. We joined the project to create something truly one-of-a-kind. Our team has given their all to design a home that is functional but also goes beyond the high-class, high-value properties already found in the area.

Lindsay Cullum-Colwell is the daughter of Cullum Homes founders Rod and Kim Cullum. She told Fox 10 News that “our intention here was to create a home that mimics what people are doing in the L.A., New York, and Miami markets and just bring that to Phoenix.”

Renderings of the finished property depict a lavish lifestyle with built-in recreation, entertaining spaces, fire, and water features, and a breathtaking view.  It truly looks like a property wealthy buyers might find in Hollywood or along the beaches of Miami.

What Do You Get in a $75m Home in Arizona?

The Palo Cristi Estate will include a 33,000-square-foot mansion with seven bedrooms. The main mansion will house a long list of amenities, including:

  • Two-story office/library
  • Two spa locker rooms
  • Movie theater/Metaverse room
  • Four kitchens
  • Four wet bars
  • Two bowling lanes
  • Casino room
  • Home gym
  • Recording studio
  • Ice cream bar
  • Spa with sauna
  • Collector’s gallery
  • Snow room
  • Two massage rooms
  • Vitality pools

That’s just the main building. The property will also include a one-bedroom guardhouse, four-bedroom conference building, and a one-bedroom casita.

The outdoor spaces are just as functional as the indoor rooms. Property owners can invite guests to relax in one of two swimming pools, including a cinema pool with waterfall and theater screen. Three fire pits enhance the aesthetic.

The property will have a putting and chipping green, a bocce court, a stage, and a garage that can store up to 15 vehicles. That includes five regular parking spaces plus nine spaces for collector’s vehicles and a spot for the casita.

Cullum-Colwell  summed up the amenities by saying, “pretty much anything you can think of that’d be a really cool feature to have in your home, this home has that.”

Building Arizona’s Most Expensive House

David Hersh with WOW Luxury Properties chose the location because of its natural beauty and building potential. The general feeling was that the area was ready for a big project like this one.

The mansion is beginning construction as a spec home. That means we are building it on the speculation that it will easily sell for a profit. The home will be move-in ready once it's done, so it is as appealing as possible to home buyers in this price range.

The finished property is going to be more than the typical millionaire home. It will require a specific buyer with a substantial fortune. 

When asked about who might be willing to pay $75m for one property, Cullum-Colwell    answered, "Ya, it's definitely going to take a unique buyer. They do exist. You know there’s homes of this caliber in those other markets I mentioned that are hitting the $130m to $150m mark, so this is half price to [someone] from L.A."

It will take four to five years to build the mansion. The expectation is that whoever buys the property isn’t likely to be interested in spending a lot of time making decisions about details that the average homebuyer might want a say in.

According to Cullum-Colwell , there’s already interest in the $75m property, including potential buyers from outside of the United States.

Desert Foothills Landscaping was chosen to work on the property with the same “spare no expense” mandate. It is one of four homes that all three companies are debuting. 

As of this writing, the $75m property will become Arizona's most expensive house. The Wall Street Journal noted that the property that previously held that title was sold in 2022 for $28.1m in the Silverleaf community in Scottsdale. A second property in Silverleaf came close, selling for $24.1m in 2020.

Cullum Homes and WOW Luxury Properties are optimistic about the sale of this impressive new endeavor.

The new property will be a milestone for all involved. Its' record-breaking value combined with the level of luxury included will be tough to beat.

"We have built some extraordinary homes over the last 38 years but all of us at Cullum Homes are extremely excited to be bringing this caliber of home to the Valley," Cullum-Colwell   said.

Check back for updates on the record-breaking Palo Cristi Estate or to learn more about our other upcoming projects.