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We believe every building project starts with a vision and a budget. From concept and design development to the structural, mechanical, electrical, and landscape design, our team of Scottsdale architects carefully craft each residence. Our approach is fresh, energetic, and current.

Cullum Homes architects work from the inside out, focusing first and foremost on the livability, views, and functionality of the floor plan from the homeowners’ point of view, all while considering the design aesthetic. The press and awards our staff have won speak for the luxurious craftsmanship you will find with Cullum Homes.


The Process: Custom Home Architect Design

Hiring a custom home architect is vital in bringing your luxury home to life. However, before considering which architecture firm to hire, it's essential to understand the basics of custom home architecture design. 


Step One: Budget

Home architecture is guided by its budget. Factors to consider range from the size of the house to the quality of bathroom finishes. A seasoned construction team and custom home architect can guide homeowners through the budgeting process. 


Step Two: Homesite Selection

House siting is a daunting process that heavily influences home architecture. If homeowners have already chosen a site, it's time to examine details like house direction, landscaping, and sunlight position. 


Step Three: Visual Examples

Before the first meeting with a custom home architect, prepare visual examples. Home architecture is a visual medium, and preparing samples of what you are and aren't looking for will start the home design process off well.  


Step Four: Space, Style, and Design 

With an architect by your side, consider the ideal flow of the home, the most important structural features, an eclectic vs. classic style, and more. Our Interior Design division is there to help formulate, analyze, and inspire homeowners throughout the design process. 


Step Five: Feedback 

Communication is at the heart of a successful partnership with your custom home architect. Architects must work closely with homeowners to understand their vision and bring their custom home to life. 


We Bring Your Vision to Life

Our construction management and selection systems have been developed and refined over 35+ years to provide an enjoyable, creative, and satisfying experience for our homeowners. As a second-generation, family-owned firm, we strive to treat every client like family. Our award-winning team works with our interactive software system to provide top-notch, innovative service. 

How To Hire an Architect for a Custom Home 

Custom home architects are artists as well as technicians. The best way to get a sense of whether an architecture firm is right for you is by reviewing their past work. When you want to hire an architect for custom home design, take a look at their website and examine past builds. Ask them to review their look books. These will help you assess whether a particular custom home architect has the skills and artistry to help you realize your dream home. 

After reviewing a firm's work, ask them about past clients. Do they have positive reviews? Are their homeowners still satisfied with their custom homes? The feedback a custom home architect receives will give you a good insight into their ability. Further, ask a firm if they have received any awards or recognitions. An award-winning firm is one that clearly stands out in its community. 

Once you feel confident about an architect's past work and accolades, set up an honest conversation, communication is critical throughout the build process. A custom home architect needs to listen to your goals and provide helpful honest feedback. They will be able to bring your vision to life while providing you with new ideas and exciting options.

The homebuilding process is a cross-profession endeavor that involves architects, interior designers, construction teams, and more. This operation can be hectic with so many moving parts. For example, it may be advantageous to consider hiring an architecture firm with other in-house professionals or with great local partnerships. 

Ultimately, you want to go with a custom home architect who is just as excited about your project as you are. Look for an architect with a passion for the craft and a desire to partner with you.


Hire Cullum Homes for Architecture Home Design 

Allow our custom home architects to partner with you in building your dream luxury home. Contact Cullum Homes to ask about the finest homebuilding experience in Arizona today.

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