You’ve finally decided it’s time to upgrade your living space, and you’re thinking that building a luxury custom home is the way to go. We couldn’t agree more! Building a custom home offers you the freedom and flexibility to create a design that fits all your wants and needs, no matter how lavish. We want to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of custom home building tips to help you along the way. 

Custom Home Building Tips

Designing a new home can require much of your time and attention, and it can be easy to overlook certain elements along the way. Read on to learn a few custom home building tips that will make the design process a little smoother.

Select the Ideal Location

When it comes time to design your luxurious new home, choosing a location is a key first step. You may want to stay in your current town and simply upgrade to a more spacious lot or build your next home in a whole new setting. Once you’ve made your ultimate moving decision, explore the location you’re interested in and find the ideal location for your next custom home. Scheduling a meeting with a sales agent and potential architect is a great way to ensure that the land you’ve selected will work for your budget and design. You’ll also want to take into account elements such as property taxes and homeowner’s insurance in your chosen destination, so you’re fully prepared to make the move.

Choose an Experienced Team

It goes without saying, but selecting the appropriate team of experienced architects and builders is vital to achieving your dream luxury custom home. You know your ideal design better than anyone else, so you should have individuals on your team who can bring it to life. Ask plenty of questions and research portfolios of previous work to gain a sense of the work your architect and builder have done before. Hiring an experienced construction and design firm like Cullum Homes is the ideal way to find your perfect team in one place. With highly skilled architects, builders, and interior designers ready to create your one-of-a-kind custom home, our firm is a perfect place to begin your home-building project.

Be Involved in the Floor Plan Process

Though your team of custom home building experts is a trustworthy crew, you’ll still want to be a part of the blueprint design process so you can achieve your desired floor plan. Your architect and builder will be able to provide wonderful insight into the layout of your home based on the space you have, but you ultimately have the final say in any decision. This is your opportunity to create the elegant home of your dreams, so being involved in the planning process is key to ensuring you get everything you want. As your team develops the floor plan for your next custom home, stay involved with each step, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions.

Collaborate with an Interior Designer

As you begin the design of your floor plan, it can be beneficial to collaborate with an interior designer. If your intent is to utilize the stunning natural sunlight to brighten the lavish space you’ve created as opposed to increased interior lighting, you’ll want to request your building team incorporate sprawling windows across the house. Looking for a living room that can fit a substantial sophisticated seating arrangement and plenty of decor? Invest time in planning for a sizable space for that room. An expert interior designer like the ones on the Cullum Homes team can be a knowledgeable resource for designing your exquisite new home. With an extensive background of the most luxurious designs, an interior designer can offer the insight you’ll want in the design process. Knowing how you’d like your interior to appear can help your expert team design the space you need to bring your dreams to life.

Finish with a Walk-Through

After your custom home has been built, completing a walk-through with your architect and builder is an essential way to guarantee the house has met your expectations. If possible, consider hiring a private inspector as well to verify the quality of your new custom home. If you notice that anything does not meet safety standards or does not match the agreed-upon floor plan, reach out to your builder and architect team to have the situation resolved before it leads to a costly repair later.

Trust Cullum Homes to Build Your Luxury Space

With these custom home building tips, you’ll feel prepared and ready to begin the process of building your home. Trust the experienced team at Cullum Homes to create your next extraordinary custom home. Our family-owned design and construction firm provides you with the utmost care and attention to every detail in your home, so you can be assured that your dreams will come true. Contact us today to get started on building your jaw-dropping new home.