Your Vision, Our Expertise
Our custom homes are renowned for quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that brings the architectural designs to life. Our integrated process supports the homeowners’ needs and reduces the stress that often accompanies the design and construction of a home.
Bringing Your
Vision to Life
Our construction management and selections systems have been developed and refined over many years to provide an enjoyable, creative and satisfying experience for our homeowners.
Having designed, built and decorated every home I’ve ever lived in, this was a new experience for me to hire a professional custom home builder. Cullum Homes, and the entire team, was amazing to work with. The team immediately corresponded via customized computer programs, featuring photos, pricing, feedback, etc. for each construction step. I was thoroughly impressed with the in-depth knowledge and thoughtfulness of the team members. They treated me respectfully and patiently. The entire process from selecting property, designing plans and construction, was exciting, pleasant, and as stress-free as building a new home could possibly be! Cullum Homes has created a nationally recognized, family operated and amazingly talented custom home building organization. I have, and would continue to recommend this firm to any potential buyer desiring a quality custom built home. Cullum Homes are built well, energy efficient, technologically advanced, thoughtfully designed, and beautiful.
-Custom Home Owner, Paradise Valley