Home Décor and Furnishings Bring Your Arizona Luxury Home to Life

The walls, floors, and fixtures in your Arizona luxury home are only the beginning. You also need beautiful furnishings and home décor to make it a spectacular place to live. These additions add both comfort and beauty. The right selection of furniture will come together to create a private haven for you and your family.

Fabrics, metal, and wood can be chosen to accentuate wall and floor colors and other materials used to construct your luxury home. These same materials also create inviting spaces to work, rest, or socialize. Whether it’s a contemporary sofa, classic armchair, or elegant desk, it will make all the difference in your living space.

Finding the perfect furnishings for luxury homes is easy when you work with the experts. Cullum Homes is your full-service interior designer. Let us guide you through the process of discovering home décor and furniture that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

The Cullum Homes Interior Design Process

Building a luxury home from the ground up can be a lengthy, challenging process to handle on your own. That's why Cullum Homes has created an expert team that is your all-in-one stop for Arizona home-building services.

We take your vision and make it a reality by connecting with the right professionals and suppliers for you. We do the heavy lifting from start to finish. That includes the entire interior design process.

Interior design services are seamlessly integrated into our custom home-building projects. Our holistic approach allows us to create a living space that flows naturally with textures, colors, and architectural elements that work well together. We take your concepts and create the ideal living space for you.

Working with a professional interior designer will help you find solutions that match your vision and complement the interior of your home. Why should you trust Cullum Home’s interior design team?

  • Experience gives our experts an edge when overcoming interior design challenges
  • We follow current trends and have a deep understanding of timeless home design
  • Interior design can begin now instead of waiting until construction is complete
  • We can show you the full potential of your Arizona luxury home

Learning how to expertly furnish a new custom home will make the process easier, but it takes time to gain industry knowledge. Instead, you can let our luxury home designers bring their experience to your project. Save time and get outstanding results in every room.

Building the Cullum Homes Interior Design Collection

Cullum Homes takes interior design very seriously. We don’t add everything to our collection. Only the best of the best makes it into our catalog of materials, fixtures, and furnishings.

Our team vets every item that is being considered for inclusion. We focus on providing a broad range of colors, textures, patterns, and style options, but do so without sacrificing quality. Our entire design team reviews all potential additions before they are added into our showroom.

We must have all the details and specifications for everything that is added to our design center. That includes knowing the cost, availability, who supplies it, how it is installed, and who handles installation. This information allows us to provide better service to our clients when choosing finishes, flooring, fixtures, and more.

Our interior design collection is constantly evolving. This allows us to provide a dynamic selection of materials and items that match current trends while giving you many options to make your luxury home as unique or traditional as you like.

Cullum Homes brings it all together for you, so you don’t have to waste time searching for different manufacturers and suppliers to find the best materials and home décor.

Explore Luxury Furnishings That Match Your Lifestyle

Cullum Homes interior design isn’t just about current trends, it's also about creating something special for each client. We discuss your needs so that we understand your vision and lifestyle.

This allows us to suggest furnishings that match your expectations. Every item is carefully chosen by our team to ensure that it offers the level of quality we are proud to offer to our clients.

A team of experts also makes us versatile and adaptable. We love a challenge. Let us provide innovative solutions that will make your Arizona luxury home truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to incorporate a personal interest, are looking for a specific theme or color scheme, or are interested in creating something new and exciting, we can make it happen.

Our custom homes are built based on the needs and wants of the homeowner. Our previous projects have incorporated a variety of elements like car basements, movie theaters, golf simulators, conference rooms, multiple wet bars, and much more.

Tell us what you want, and we will transform your idea into a spectacular custom home, right down to the smallest furnishings.

Our Full Furnishing Service Makes Your Luxury Home Move-in Ready

When buying furniture and home décor on your own, you will likely have to order items, wait for them to arrive, and then set them up in your home. 

Cullum Homes’ newest addition to our service offerings includes full home furnishing packages. These are designed to take all the effort out of ordering and setting up your furniture. Buy everything through us as part of the custom home-building process. You can find gorgeous seating, tables, bookshelves, wine racks, drapes, and anything else you might want in every room.

We can even find stunning artwork and smaller décor items that add fine detail to your luxury home.

We partner with professional organizers who will come in and set everything up for you. They will place furniture and home décor so your home is as move-in ready as it can get. All you have to do is walk in the front door and start living.

The addition of our home furnishing service is the final piece of the building process. Clients can now come to Cullum Homes to start with a location and end with a fully furnished, move-in-ready dream home.

We also have a curated collection of available homes that were created using this process. These are shining examples of what we can achieve with industry knowledge, innovation, and creativity.