Building a custom homecomes with an abundance of benefits, like being able to choose your house placement on the lot. By designing and building your own home with a team of custom home experts, you have the freedom to follow the increasingly popular feng shui house direction trend or follow the direction of the sun with your placement. There are just a few factors that may play a part in your house siting decision.

Factors to Consider For House Siting

While there are plenty of perks to designing a custom home, knowing where to place your new space can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help! Check out our list of factors to consider when choosing your house placement.

Hills and Slopes

The natural terrain of the land can play a significant role in the house siting process. An extravagant walk-out basement can’t quite function as it should if your home is surrounded by hills as opposed to seated atop one. Let’s not forget the technical elements of your home either, such as proper drainage movement around the hills and slopes of your landscape. Ultimately, you would have to dig into the mountain, hill, or slope of your lot to accommodate your extravagant home plans.This presents unique challenges, but with the right luxury home builder, is a possible feat.

Window Views

As you picture yourself standing in front of your grand floor-to-ceiling living room window, what view are you hoping to capture? Depending on where your chosen lot is located, you may have the option to welcome in the stunning view of Arizona’s mountainous topography or experience miles of the endless desert floor. Your knowledgeable architect and builder can help you evaluate the landscape and decide on the best house siting location.

Sunlight Positioning

Imagine the sunlight pouring in through your windows during the day. Early risers may want to face their bedroom window toward the east for the chance to watch the breathtaking sunrise from the comfort of their bed. Homeowners who prefer natural sunlight later in the day to brighten their space should consider the sun patterns for their area and work closely with their architectto optimize their home placement.

Landscaping Structure

While trees are a welcomed source of shade from the heat of the sun, they can also impact the house siting process. If the land you’ve chosen has natural landscaping elements, such as trees and bushes, you’ll need to discuss with your architect how that will change the house placement on the lot. Don’t forget to plot out any additional landscaping changes you plan to make so your home is placed in the ideal location.

Future Additions

Planning on adding a lavish deck to the back of your home for those sunny days when you’re entertaining guests? Considering a shimmering pool to cool off in on those scorching summer afternoons? You’ll want to take these factors into account when planning your house placement on the lot. Leave space for these potential additions and build your home accordingly.

Neighborhood Noise

Living in a populated neighborhood means dealing with the sounds of residential life. If you’re planning a house placement in a busy area, the sounds of cars on a nearby highway or screeching fire truck sirens can affect the peace of your home. We recommend not facing your bedroom window toward particularly loud areas of your neighborhood to limit the late-night noise.

Let Cullum Homes Assist You in the House Siting Process

House siting is an essential part of the luxury home building process. When it comes time to make the house placement decision, you’ll want to work with trusted and experienced professionals like our team at Cullum Homes. We’ve spent the last 35 years honing our skill of site selection to ensure our clients receive the utmost quality advice and feel confident in the final decision. Contact us today to start your house siting process with our professional team!