Given the adjustments to daily routine that many of us have made, we have put together some tips and tricks on creating and organizing an "at-home" workspace.

1. Success is scheduled! Set your top three goals for the day each morning (don't let your inbox or to-do list distract you from accomplishing those goals).  
2. Time-block your calendar and maintain a consistent routine.
3. Schedule at least two, 20-minute "tech breaks" to take a walk, play with the kiddos or do a workout.
4. Try to limit your email check to 2-3 times daily, then dedicate a time to go through your inbox with intention. 
5. Leave your laptop or tablet in a "work area" and separate that from other spaces in your home. 
6. Do a morning routine, even if it is slightly different than your usual. 
7. Get dressed for the day, even if that means changing out of your pajamas and into comfy clothes. 
8. Create a space that feels calm and productive. Open the window, use essential oils, play music (or Daniel Tiger on repeat...), whatever works! 
9. Give yourself (and your team) grace on conference calls! Kids talking, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, spouses interrupting. It's all a part of the current normal.

Keep up the great work!