How to Find & Vet a Builder for a Luxury Custom Home

How to Find & Vet a Builder for a Luxury Custom Home
Tue Apr 20, 2021

You have been building your dream home in your head for months. Now, it’s time to reach out to the professionals that can bring your vision to life. 

At first, it can feel overwhelming to navigate the plethora of custom home builders. Building your custom home should be exciting instead of stressful. To ease that stress, it’s important to learn how to find and choose a custom home builder. 

Keep reading to learn how to find builders for your custom home, how to narrow down your list of potential builders and more.

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Create a List of Potential Builders

Knowing how to find a builder for a custom home can be challenging if you aren’t knowledgeable about the industry. 

While a quick Google search will bring up names, they may not tell you the full story. What experience do these builders have? Can they help you achieve your vision? 

As you start your search, make sure you’re looking for builders that are local to your area. You don’t want to pay hefty fees for someone to travel a long distance just to build your home. Plus, you want to work with a custom home builder who has experience building in your area.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you know anyone that has worked with a builder before. If you know someone who has recently built a custom home, ask them who they chose as their builder. Other people to ask are those you’ve worked with that are in the industry. Perhaps you’ve used an interior designer or hired someone to renovate your home. By using your network, you can find builders that come with word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know.

Interview Your Builders

Now that you have a list of custom home builders, it’s time to narrow your list down. Your first step should be to interview your potential builders. 

When reaching out to custom home builders, you will want to know how much experience they have building homes like the home you desire. Overall, you are looking for a business with the experience that can provide the quality you deserve. 

Other questions to ask can relate to the features you’re looking for in your home. Knowing what a custom home builder can or can’t do can help you find a builder without compromising your dream home vision. Let’s say you want to find a custom home builder that can help you find your homesite. In this scenario, it is important to ask your potential builders if they offer this service. 

You should also ask the custom home builder to provide you with a portfolio of their past builds. Some custom home builders can even take you on a tour of past builds or a for-sale model home. 

Tour a For-Sale Model

Touring a for-sale model home from a custom home builder is both inspiring and insightful. A tour of a for-sale model gives you an up-close look at a custom home builder’s work. 

A for-sale model also gives you examples of custom home features that a builder can build. Plus, you can inspire your own custom home by touring a for-sale model. 

Keep a list of the things you most like and dislike about any for-sale model home you tour. This allows you to reference specific features you want to include or avoid in your custom home. 

Bring Your Vision to Life With Cullum Homes

When you choose a custom home builder, you are looking for someone with experience, quality work, and that is highly recommended. 

At Cullum Homes, we believe that the custom home experience should be as luxurious as your custom home. What makes Cullum Homes unique is that we are your one-stop-shop for the custom home process. From start to finish, the Cullum Homes team is ready to bring your dream home to life. The first step in our in-house process is homesite selection. With Cullum Homes, you can find the perfect homesite for your future home by leveraging our experience, local knowledge and relationships. Next, our architecture and interior design team works with you to fully capture your vision. When it’s time to build your custom home, Cullum Homes uses our relationships with trade partners to build a custom home you’ll fall in love with.

Ready to get started with building your custom home?

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