You're building a new house, and you're excited about how it will look when it's finished. However, while you're excited overall, a big part of you is also worried… worried about how you'll get your interior to look the way you want it to!

At the moment, you have a vague idea about how you want your interior design to be but no real clue about how to make that vision become a reality. So, what can you do?

Well, you have two main options when deciding how to furnish a house from scratch: You can do it yourself, or you can hire an interior designer.

How To Furnish a New Home on Your Own

The temptation is there to do it on your own, believing you will save money in the long run. Let's take a look at some of the challenges you may encounter by doing things this way.

Problems with Furnishing a New Home Yourself

One of the main issues you will encounter with furnishing a new home on your own is that, since it hasn't been lived in yet, you don't know what will work and what won't. This is not a simple matter of styles and colors but also sizes and shapes. What does that mean?

Well, because it is so brand new and so empty, it can be difficult to get a sense of proportion in your new home. The main problem? Your extremely empty space seems smaller than it actually is, and this warps your perception of what will fit into it and how. 

Is this coffee table too big or too small? Will that bed frame fit? Will a sectional work, or should I go with a simple sofa? 

As you fill it up, you will get a better sense of how much space you really have to work with in your new home… but it could take some trial and error. And, probably, a lot more money than you think.

How Your Home Look Will Change

These aren’t the only issues you’ll face. Seasonal changes mean the way the sunlight hits a certain room on the day you move in will change drastically over time. Some rooms will be brighter in spring and summer than in fall and winter, and vice-versa. 

You could love how a certain room in your new home looks now, only to hate what you've done with it at the time of year when the room is at its brightest (or darkest).

Yes, you could go through the process of shopping for items and placing them in your home — and then try it all over again and again as the seasons change.  

In the end, though, you'll only ever be temporarily satisfied with the interior decorating job you've done. You'll doubt your taste and vision. Why take that risk? Don’t!

Or, Furnish a New Home With an Interior Designer

The truth is that you have your vision for your home interior, and you can see it become a reality — and sooner rather than later (and with significant savings overall). How? With the help of an interior designer

Rather than engage in a fitful, stressful and expensive process of trial and error many years, your new house can look amazing right from the start with an interior designer's help. Don't do it on your own; do get the help of an interior designer!

How an Interior Designer's Expertise Can Help

Now, you might think an interior designer would have the same handicaps you have when thinking about how to furnish a home from scratch; after all, your home is new and empty. 

However, what they're bringing to the table is their expertise. They're trained to see past an empty space, and an interior designer can use technology to get a better idea of how a currently empty room might look when furnished.

Interior designers have seen many different homes and structures over the years; they know what works and what doesn't. They can tell you how a fixture, a different piece of furniture, or a fresh coat of paint in a new color can change the look of an entryway, bedroom, or kitchen. 

In short, interior designers know how the puzzle pieces of your new home's interior can fit together to create a beautiful space for you. 

What's more, when you're figuring out how to furnish a new home on your own, you usually have to wait until construction is finished to get the process started. However, if you work with an experienced interior designer (preferably, an interior design department that is integrated with your home builder, like with Cullum Homes), you can get things started early on, so much of the work can be done by the time you move in.

The Cullum Homes Interior Design Difference

With over 35 years of home building experience, Cullum Homes knows how to provide you with the finest home building process possible. That includes access to Cullum Homes' in-house interior design team, which will work hand-in-hand with you to bring the creative vision of your home to life.

Cullum Homes' integrated design process means you don't have to go anywhere else to find the help you need. To see how the Cullum Homes difference can make a difference in your home building and interior design experience, get in touch today!