At Cullum Homes, we strive to build clean, quiet and comfortable homes.  Our mechanical air filtration systems play a critical role in ensuring a healthy environment for our custom home owners.  Here are the ways we deliver on our promise to keep clean, quiet and comfortable a top priority.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality, dust and allergens are a huge concern for people living in Arizona.  We decided many years ago to utilize building materials and techniques that allow us to deliver homes that are clean and energy efficient.  Our homes are built so air tight and in such a way that a home owner can leave for weeks or months at a time and, upon return, come back to a house that little or no dust on surfaces due to the advanced air filtration and mechanical systems we use.

Advanced Technology and Innovative Building Practices

What do we mean by clean, quiet and comfortable?  Our advanced technology, innovative building practices and techniques have always played an important role in being able to deliver a superior product to our clients.  One of the ways we achieve clean air is through the use of ERV, or Energy Recovery Ventilation.  Outdoor air is brought in mechanically and filtered before being introduced into the home through the air conditioning system.  From that point, our mechanical systems allow customized control of air temperature and velocity, assuring a quiet and comfortable environment for our home owners.

Detached Homes

All of our homes, both custom and those within our luxury communities, are single-family, detached homes. Each residence occupies its’ own lot without sharing residential walls with another home or building.  We have premiere home sites available in several of the valley’s most prestigious communities, or we can assist with finding another location that meets the client’s needs and desires.