The team of experts at Cullum Homes stays up-to-date with the newest trends in home design to be able to deliver the best results for clients. Today, we will reveal a few of the trends that will be popping up in our homes in 2022.

Home design trends are constantly changing and a team of skilled professionals like our team can help ensure your home is modern yet timeless. Read on to learn about the new design trends that will dominate 2022.

Top Interior Design Trends in 2022

Cullum Homes designs and builds luxury homes according to each client’s lifestyle needs and design preferences. Here is a list of some of the top design trends that have emerged this year you may want to consider.

Bold Patterns

Put your mark on it with patterns. This will take your interior space to the next level so get comfortable with mixing and matching patterns. Layering patterns on walls, pillows, and textiles adds a fun pop to the room. This interior design trend has been growing over the last few years.

Focus on Timeless Style

Timeless style that can evolve and long-term considerations for spaces. Smaller, higher-quality spaces and fewer, higher-quality pieces make homeowners feel more at ease with how they function in their own homes. Today’s generations understand that trends come and go, so incorporating timeless elements into their home design is vital. This will ensure their homes don’t become outdated anytime soon.

Staircase in luxury home

Staircase in luxury homeHints of Traditional Design

Another home trend that has been on the rise is including nostalgic traditional design elements. This could be seen by incorporating antiques, darker warm tones, and curved-line furniture pieces. A sprinkle of the more traditional style brings back old memories in a new and modern home.

Emphasis on Natural Light

Biophilic design is a huge design trend in 2022 due to the effects of being isolated inside during most of the COVID-19 pandemic. This design trend focuses heavily on creating calming spaces that feature lots of natural light and strong ventilation. Feeling connected to nature and the outside world is high on many homeowners’ lists this year.

3D Design Features

In 2022, there is an increase in the use of 3D art or wall decor in luxury homes. Displaying art that is not flat and legitimately “pops out” at you gives a sense of intrigue. Installing 3D wall art is a quick and easy way to give more dimension to a room. This will be popping up in homes around the country in 2022.

1970s Design is Back

Just like clothing, interior design trends go through a cycle of sorts. These days, the 1970s design style is coming back around. This includes terracotta details such as planters/pots, mid-century furniture, and warm-tone colors like mustard and rust. Bringing an old style back to life with a modern twist is a fun way to design your space in a way that is new but honors the past.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Gone are the days of single-use spaces. In 2022, one interior design trend you’ll see is multi-functional spaces. Using a room for multiple purposes can be achieved by using a piece of furniture as a divider or utilizing vertical space for storage purposes. Multi-use spaces are especially prevalent with the rise of work-from-home remote jobs.

Kitchen island in modern style kitchen

Smart Technology

Utilizing smart technology wherever possible is helpful on many levels for homeowners. Home design today often includes smart thermostats, smart kitchen appliances (ovens, microwaves, coffee makers), built-in Bluetooth speakers, and more. These new technologies can be implemented seamlessly into your home design with the wide range of options available today.

Focus on Natural Elements

The last home trend we will discuss is the focus on natural elements in different rooms of the house. This goes along with the biophilic design concept of bringing the outside world inside. Using lots of plants and greenery (whether real or faux) is a popular new design trend making its way into many people’s homes. Incorporating natural elements like potted plants helps create a comfortable and peaceful environment.

These were just a handful of interior design trends that are popular in 2022. Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of what trends you may be interested in. An interior designer can help you to determine which trends are worth pursuing in your home.

Work With Cullum Homes On Your Luxury Home

From multi-functional room design to an emphasis on natural light, our team has the top design trends covered. Our interior designers will tailor your luxury home to your exact specifications. Whether you are looking to renovate your home or build a new custom home, Cullum Homes can help.

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