Interior Design
We believe every building project starts with a vision and a budget. From concept and design development to the structural, mechanical, electrical and landscape design, we carefully craft each residence with this in mind with our in-house licensed architects and interior designers. Our approach is fresh, energetic and current. We work from the inside out, focusing first and foremost on the livability, views and functionality of the floor plan from the homeowners’ point of view, all while considering the design aesthetic.
For And Inspired
By Your Life.
We work closely with our clients to understand their lifestyles and needs, to articulate their goals. Our integrated design process ensures that each project is conceived, analyzed, planned and inspired by the homeowner, the building site and the surrounding environment, while keeping budgetary goals in mind. Our team listens closely to understand the homeowners’ visions, then coordinates the architectural design, construction documents, interior elevations, and material selections in a carefully organized process.
From the purchasing department to the guys in the field, it is an absolute pleasure working with a top notch group of people. When working with Cullum I feel part of their team. Everyone at Cullum has great personalities, and they take pride in their work. It’s not just another sale with these guys. It’s about team building and relationships and it is a pleasure every time I get called to another one of their jobs.
-Subcontractor Associate