Arizona Luxury Living Starts with a Custom Home Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Custom luxury homes in Arizona offer a unique combination of value and lifestyle options. Create your dream house by adding personal touches that support your hobbies. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, film buff, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, you can create a spectacular living space that augments your interests.

Cullum Homes designs and builds luxury custom homes in Arizona with lifestyle options. We sit down with clients and discuss their expectations. Our professional team loves combining creativity and innovation to bring you the perfect place to call home.

What can you do with your Arizona custom home? The simplest answer is whatever you want. The right builder can construct a personalized sanctuary for comfort and entertainment. Cullum Homes can guide you through the process, starting with suggestions for lifestyle options that match your preferences.

Exploring Popular Custom Home Lifestyle Options

Knowing what's out there can help you come up with ideas for your luxury custom home. Discover the unique ways that others have incorporated lifestyle options into their living space. Whatever your interest may be, we can bring it into your home design.

Home Theater

One of the most popular lifestyle options is the home theater. Most people enjoy television shows and movies and would love to bring the movie theater experience into their living space. Cullum Homes has helped many clients build the ideal viewing area that matches their needs and décor preferences. 

We can discuss available space and potential screen sizes for use with projectors or large screen televisions. Our team of experts can also design outdoor home theaters in green spaces, on patios, or even in swimming pools.

Private Putting Green and Golf Simulator

World class golfing is one of the amenities that bring so many luxury home buyers to Arizona. Cullum Homes makes it possible to live even closer to your favorite sport with putting greens and golf simulators.

We can transform your property into a private practice course. We will work with your available space and ensure that it looks beautiful with stunning landscaping and outdoor lighting features.

Our lifestyle options also include golf simulators that are installed right in the comfort of your home. Having access to an indoor simulator means you can practice anytime and in any weather.

If golf isn’t your game, contact us to find out how we can turn other sports into a custom lifestyle option for your luxury home.

In-Home Wellness and Spa Retreat

The resort style living found in communities like Paradise Valley, Desert Mountain, and Scottsdale, Arizona is invigorating. Many residents prefer to bring that level of luxury into their homes. Instead of traveling to your nearest resort, you can instead move into your private wellness and spa retreat.

Your design can feature all your spa favorites, like whirlpools, hot tubs, lounge chairs, massage chairs, saunas, cold plunges, and more. Each area can be designed for maximum convenience, with storage for towels and spa products that blend well with your chosen décor style.

When asking why do you need to hire an architect, this is one good reason. Your spa should be professionally designed to ensure that all moisture and heat are managed within your home. You get the best spa experience and your home stays in pristine condition.

Custom-Designed Wine Cellar and Wet Bar

Wine cellars and wet bars are often considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. If you are a wine connoisseur, then you will need a safe place to house your collection.

Cullum Homes can help with custom-designed wine cellars that meet your storage needs. We can craft a climate-controlled environment that preserves your finest vintages. Functionality is important, but so is the visual appeal of your wine cellar. We will incorporate soft lighting and décor that adds ambiance to enhance your wine tasting experience.

A wet bar is also an excellent lifestyle option. When done well, a quality wet bar will give your home an upscale feel and can increase property value.

Media and Gaming Room

Media and gaming rooms come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. We create a unique space for media or gaming that works with your hobby. Whether you want the ultimate video gaming space or something for board games or tabletop gaming, we can make it happen. 

We will create a comfortable place to play or indulge in your favorite media. Our experts can recommend ideal furnishings and lighting that create the atmosphere you want while also making it easier to play, watch, or listen.

Car Collector’s Showroom

Car enthusiasts can bring their hobby home with a built-in showroom. These spaces can serve as both a display and a safe place to store your prized vehicles. We refer to them as “car bars”.

We work with a range of layouts, whether you want to drive right in or prefer to move vehicles to a different story with an elevator. You can also make your showroom a part of other spaces in your home, like serving as a backdrop for a game room or entertaining space.

Home Gym and Fitness Center

Save time by going to the gym at home. Our lifestyle packages include fitness options that let you work out the way you want. We’ll create space for your favorite gym equipment, whether you prefer aerobics, weightlifting, or something else.

We can also find ways to make the experience more engaging and enjoyable with televisions or speakers for music. We can install mirrors to help with form or large windows that let you see the outside environment while you burn calories and build muscle.

If You Can Dream It, Cullum Homes Can Build It

If you can dream it, we can build it for you. Our team is ready to take on your next project. Let us help you discover lifestyle options that will turn your luxury home into a true Arizona paradise. If you want to learn how to plan a home renovation, we can also help. Let us install new features that match your interests and create a living space you will love.