Your home is your oasis away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Now, the newest way you can make it even more tailored to your needs is with custom home automation.

Technology is evolving faster each year, with innovations expanding beyond just the latest tech gadgets. With the advancement of luxury home automation, adding these personalizations to your home can make it more convenient for you to run your home’s systems.

Lighting, security, HVAC and other features can be handled with the push of a button from your smartphone, and you won’t have to worry about setting these all up on your own. Cullum Homes has all the resources to add these individualized touches of luxury home automation, so you don’t have to.

Read our list below of the best luxury home automation features available by Cullum Homes.

Renovating your home with these technologies is the definition of high-end living. The latest features available can streamline your luxury home’s regulation. Once these custom home automations are installed and ready to be used, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Automated Door Locks

Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to your home. Having multiple keys made for your spouse, children or friends will become a thing of the past with automated door locks. With this luxury home automation, you have more control over who has access to your home and when.

Most of these automated door locks are controlled by your smartphone, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your keys again. Even if you’re on the go, you shouldn’t have to wonder if you locked all the doors before you left the house. Since these door locks are accessible by your smartphone, you can double-check that your luxury home remains safe by locking the doors remotely.

Smart Lighting Systems

If you’ve decided to take the plunge into luxury home automation, the best place to start is with smart lighting systems. These systems include a combination of light bulbs, plugs, light switches and wall panels. Don’t let this list overwhelm you! All of these parts work together to create a customizable smart lighting system.

If you want to get creative with your lighting system, consider installing smart lighting systems to create different “scenes,” depending on how you want your home presented. Through the control of your smartphone, you can create whole-house lighting systems with these defined scenes such as security-based outdoor lighting, low lighting for when you aren’t at home or brighter lighting setups for that morning motivation. The possibilities are endless.

HVAC Systems

Still using an old-school thermostat? Your luxury home deserves an upgrade when it comes to HVAC systems, and they have become easier than ever to control. Not only do automated HVAC systems increase convenience and comfort, but they can also save you money.

With this luxury home automation system, you are in complete control of the temperature and humidity inside your home. You simply put in the custom settings and schedules, and the automated HVAC system does the rest. These systems can even be controlled by an app so if you find yourself cozy on the couch, all you have to do is change the thermostat without having to get up.

WaterBug Leak Detection

The last thing your luxury home needs is a water damage detector. Undetectable leaks can cost you some serious money to repair. Instead of waiting for a plumber to come and fix the leak while continuing to waste water, you can use the innovative custom home automation of WaterBug leak detection before the problem gets worse.

WaterBug detects water line leaks and shuts off the water to stop it from causing serious damage. If there is a leak present in your home, the WaterBug system alerts you in real-time so you can address the problem as soon as possible.

Add a Touch of High-End Automation in Your Home with Cullum Homes

All of these luxury home automations do not have to be set up on your own. You may get overwhelmed by trying to DIY. Instead, contact Cullum Homes to do it for you. Cullum Homes is fully prepared to install and then teach you how to use these new advanced technologies.

The team of talented professionals will be able to assess your luxury home and integrate these new automations seamlessly. They also take into consideration your budget and what types of upgrades you want for your luxury home.

Ready to start adding a new custom automation to your luxury custom home? Contact Cullum Homes today and discover how you can create the home of your dreams