Designing your custom home is an exciting part of the custom home experience. From flooring to cabinets, architecture, interior design and more, your options are endless. 

The features in your custom home should be both luxurious and personal. Whether you’re designing your new home or adding items to a wishlist, there are many luxury home features to consider. That’s why it never hurts to get a little inspiration on how you can make your home feel truly special. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the amazing luxury home features you should consider when building your Cullum Homes custom home. 

Luxury Home Features to Consider In Your Cullum Homes Custom Home

Custom Architecture and Interior Design

Get creative as you plan the architecture and interior design when building your custom home! Ask yourself about the general feel and aesthetic you want to achieve in your home. The interior design choices you make can be your guide when declining on other custom home features. Let’s say you want a sleek and modern aesthetic throughout each room in your home. When you choose the appliances for your kitchen, you’ll want to find ones that fit with the colors and visual aesthetic you’ve chosen. 

For the architecture of your home, consider the structural features you’re looking for. If you’re an avid film buff, you might want an elegant home theater to lounge in. Maybe your current home lacks closet space, so you want your custom home to have a spacious walk-in closet in your bedroom. 

Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Appliances

custom kitchen appliances

Whether you’re an amateur chef or a snack connoisseur, your kitchen appliances are important features to consider in your custom home. At Cullum Homes, we aspire to give you only the best, which is why our custom home appliances come from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

When it comes to cooking, Wolf appliances can’t be beaten. From sleek ranges to modern built-in ovens, you’ll be able to make delicious memories at your next dinner party. To make an awesome home-cooked meal, you’ll need a top of the line Sub-Zero refrigerator. Sub-Zero has something for everyone, offering full-size refrigerators as well as wine and undercounter fridges. 

Leave the dishwashing to your Cove dishwashing appliances. Not only are Cove appliances built to take on any dish, but they’re also custom made. That way, your Cove dishwasher will never compete with your established kitchen aesthetic.  

ERV Fresh Air Ventilation System

Luxury home features like an ERV fresh air ventilation system used by Cullum Homes are a must! After all, air quality matters when it comes to enjoying the comfort of your custom home. 

A filtration system helps keep each room in your custom home at the perfect temperature. This helps keep you comfortable with consistent room-to-room climates. 

Another benefit of a fresh air ventilation system is improved air quality. The outdoor air that enters your ventilation system is filtered to ensure any contaminants, toxins and pollutants are removed. That means your indoor air will be fresher and free of irritating air impurities. This is especially beneficial when it comes to filtering out allergens like pollen. 

Custom Cabinetry in Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedroom

custom home cabinets

Luxurious custom built cabinets can easily become the focal point of any room. Your custom cabinetry should reflect your aesthetic and your lifestyle. Make your kitchen cabinets stand out with a smooth cherry wood finish or draw your guest’s attention with a rich mahogany look. 

Overall, the factors to consider for your custom cabinetry include wood style, finish, hardware and design. First, ask yourself where these cabinets will go. Cabinets for your kitchen should meet your organization needs while visually complementing your other kitchen features. The same is true for cabinetry in your bedroom or bathrooms. Once you know where your cabinetry will be, consider the uses it should have. Storage is a must, but what about other uses? If you’re an art collector, you can have custom cabinetry that combines your storage needs with the need for a gorgeous art display. 

Design Luxury In Your Cullum Homes Custom Home 

These are by no means the only custom home features you can have in your home. Now that you have your design inspiration started, you’re more than ready to create a truly unique custom home. The best way to bring your dream custom home to life is with Cullum Homes. 

With architectureinterior design and construction all under one roof, Cullum Homes can guide you through every step of the custom home experience. During the design process, you can share your design inspiration with the Cullum Homes team to see what is doable for your custom home. Once your design is finalized, Cullum Homes begins the construction process to create a home you’ll fall in love with. This customer-focused approach that Cullum Homes utilizes helps bring your dream luxury home to life. 

Ready to start designing your luxury custom home?

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