Renovations are an important thing for any homeowner to consider. For over a decade, Cullum Homes’ Renovations team has been expanding into the most influential in the Valley of the Sun. They have mastered the art of taking an already beautiful home and making it that much more epic. Renovations are more than a change in appearances, it is an opportunity for you to ask what you need your house to do for you. It is an exciting step to take towards your house fitting your lifestyle. Cullum Homes can work with you to renovate your house into your dream home.

What Renovation is Right for you?

There are several levels of renovation and we do them all. The first can be handled by our Scottsdale interior designers. You can consult them on everything from color scheme to the flow of an entire house. These may seem like minor changes, but color and flow can really change the feel of your home. The right paint and color scheme can bring in more light or mute it according to the needs of the room. It sets the atmosphere. Our interior designers also have a huge catalog of the latest, most beautiful furniture, appliances and cabinetry the market has to offer. This isn’t just about how beautiful it looks. They can help you think about the logistics of what would make your space most comfortable. They can get to know your standards and pair it with their vast knowledge of making a space flow.

Another Level of Renovation

Another level of our Renovation Division is remodeling. For this, you can consult our Scottsdale architects. A remodel is distinct in that it changes the structure of a house. Oftentimes to achieve the movement you want in a room, a wall must be removed or a ceiling must be raised. Adding a creative ceiling can give a room such a wow factor. It can also change the function of a room. Most people are familiar with a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel, but Cullum Homes takes it a step further. We remodel entire Scottsdale homes to provide a new and improved look.. Our team has powerfully creative solutions to anything you might want. 

A Kitchen Remodel Will Liven Your Home

Remodeling your kitchen can revolutionize the way your meals are prepared. Our interior designers can introduce you to state-of-the-art cooking equipment to make sure your kitchen is as current as possible. With a remodel, we can give you even more. Add an island to help you host all your friends. Change the layout of your kitchen to improve the style and function. Backsplash colors and appliances are an important way to make your space comfortable, but remodeling can create a brand new kitchen in the home you already love. 

A Bathroom Remodel Centered Around You

Your bathroom is such a personal space. It is where you get ready and unwind for the day. It has to be functional and beautiful, but very few people buy a house based on the bathrooms alone. This space needs all the storage where you need it. You may need to expand your bathroom to accommodate shelves. It could also be as simple as updating the floor or vanity. A bathroom should be personalized to you. A bathroom remodel is the best way to get everything you need. Consider consulting our architects and interior designers about creating your personal spa.

Scottsdale's Best Renovations and Remodels 

Renovations and remodels are an excellent way to personalize your Scottsdale home to your standard of luxury. Whether it’s updating your color scheme, adding a wow-factor, or changing the overall function of a room, Cullum Homes has the best teams in Scottsdale. Our experts listen to your needs and will have every detail taken care of. If you would like to redefine luxury in your home, contact us today.