There are many decisions to consider when building a luxury custom home. However, the most crucial decision is selecting a custom home builder to work with.

Home builders are abundant, but the ideal custom home builder who can meet the items on your meticulous list are few and far between. You'll interview several custom home builders to find the fitting match, but unless you’re a home builder finding the right questions can be intimidating.

To help you put together your list of interview questions, we’ve put together the following list of questions to ask a custom home builder.

How long have you been building custom homes?

You'll want to find a skilled custom home builder. When you interview a custom home builder, ask them some questions about their years of experience. At Cullum Homes, we have over 35 years of building in the Valley.

Do you have a portfolio of the finished custom homes you've built?

While some custom home builders have a for-sale model available to tour, others may not. If your custom home builder doesn’t have a model to tour, you can ask if they have a portfolio of photos from homes they've built.

How customizable is my custom home?

If you want to make changes to your custom home during the construction process, you'll want to find a flexible custom home builder. Cullum Homes removes the stress of making decisions on a time crunch during construction through our integrated design process. This way, we take the time to ensure every aspect of the design process is covered before we break ground.

Can you help me pick out the perfect homesite?

Some custom home builders can help you find your dream homesite. If you've already found a homesite, ask your home builder if they can inspect your land.

After I move in, will you be able to fix anything if it stops working/breaks?

Make sure you ask your custom home builder questions about your warranty period. This will give you an idea of what they can fix or repair once construction is done. For example, Cullum Homes has a unique Home Concierge Division that homeowners can contact if anything stops working after move-in.

What licenses do you have? Are you insured?

Some states require custom home builders to have licenses, while others don't. Nevertheless, it is helpful to ask a potential custom home builder questions about their licenses and insurance.

How will we communicate during the custom home building process?

Communication is important in the custom home building process! When you interview potential custom home builders, ask them how they'll keep you up to date on the construction of your dream home.

Do you use contractors?

Ask yourself if you want a custom home builder who uses contractors to build your home. Custom home builders like Cullum Homes utilize their close relationships with trade partners throughout the construction process.

How do you determine the cost of my custom-built home?

Cullum Homes uses a unique fixed-price methodology when determining the cost of your custom home. We’ve spent 35 years perfecting our custom home process, which allows us better control over the cost of your home.

Have you built the home-style we're looking for before?

You can include questions like this when asking a custom home builder about their experience. If you’ve got a particular style in mind, ask your custom home builder if they’ve built homes in that style before.

Can we make changes to our custom home during the building process?

Similar to other customizability questions, this question looks at how flexible your custom home builder is during construction. Understandably, things can change! Finding a custom home builder who is flexible in making changes is key to a luxury custom home building experience.

What's the average time your team takes to build a custom home?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your home design. When you ask a custom builder this question, specify that you're asking about the time spent on building homes like yours. This can give you a general idea of what your timeline might look like.

What differentiates you from other luxury custom home builders?

This is a great question to ask a custom home builder to learn more about them! Learn what makes your builder unique and how that can benefit your custom home experience. What differentiates us at Cullum Homes is our one-stop-shop process. Each step of our process is all under one roof, which makes the custom home experience seamless.

Do you perform quality assurance inspections during construction?

Quality assurance is important when it comes to building your dream home. When you interview a custom home builder, ask them how they’ll ensure quality throughout the construction process.

Can you make my home energy efficient?

Ask yourself if sustainability matters in your dream home. If so, ask your potential custom home builder if adding energy-efficient components to your home design is possible.

When will I know the final price of my custom home?

Knowing the final price of your home impacts each step of the design and build process. Thankfully, Cullum Homes provides you with this final price upfront. So, you know what your home will cost as you go through each step of designing and building your custom home.

I have a big life event coming up. Can I expect my home to be move-in ready by then?

Think about any significant life events that might affect when you want to move into your new home. If you want your home to be ready within a year, for example, ask your custom home builder if that’s possible.

Do you have testimonials from past clients I can view?

You can learn a lot about a custom home builder by looking at client testimonials! Ask a custom home builder if there are past client testimonials you can review.

Do you include landscaping in your custom home design process?

To find an ideal custom home builder, you’ll want to know what’s included in their design process. Importance design factors include landscaping, mechanical, electrical, for example. At Cullum Homes, landscaping is included in our design process. When it comes to installing it, we use trusted and experienced trade partners to ensure your landscaping is perfect.

How do I pick the materials or fixtures for my custom home?

Everything in your custom home should reflect your personality! This question will help you find a custom home builder who can work with you to pick the perfect materials, fixtures and more for your home. Cullum Homes takes the necessary time to go over each detail of your home’s interior design. This removes any stress from having to make design decisions during construction.