Home Renovations and Remodeling in Scottsdale

Turn your home into a luxurious oasis with a Scottsdale renovation or remodel. Read on to learn more about our process for these upgrades and how you can bring your dream home to life with Cullum Homes.

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Choosing a Remodel vs. a Renovation

When you’re ready to upgrade your home, the first step is to decide between a remodel or a renovation.  If you’re hoping for an all-new look to your space, a remodel may be the right route for your space. This process typically takes a bit more work as it can require more construction to design the new home elements. A renovation, on the other hand, maintains some or all of the original structure of the home with new upgrades. Whichever route you choose, Cullum Homes has the skills and expertise to remodel or renovate your space into a stunning sanctuary for your family. 

The Scottsdale Remodeling Process

Ready to turn your space into a luxury home? A home remodeling in Scottsdale is a major project that requires a high level of time and resources, so you’ll need to be patient — we promise the wait will be worth it!  That being said, let’s discuss what the remodeling processwill look like. 

  1. Hire a professional team. Start your process by finding a team that can meet your needs. With Cullum Homes, we have an in-house team of architects and builders so you find the perfect remodeling team in one place. 
  2. Create a plan. Communicate your ideas and expectations with your team to create a remodeling plan and ensure that your dreams will come true. 
  3. Review the blueprint. Once your architect has designed a blueprint, review the finalized plan with them. 
  4. Start with demolition. With a remodel, your builders will likely be tearing down certain elements of your current home to make room for new ones. 
  5. Rebuild. The rebuilding process is where your home starts to come together. You’ll be able to see the new structures and how your space will look after the finishing touches. 
  6. Place the finishing touches. This includes any painting, small details, or final construction that needs to be done before your home is ready. 
  7. Complete a walkthrough. Before your builders leave you to enjoy your newly remodeled space, complete a walkthrough with them to ensure expectations were met and everything is done. 

This process includes a few additional steps compared to a Scottsdale renovation, so it can be a bit more costly. The overall cost may vary depending on certain features you’d like to include or the scale of your design. Work with your home building team to determine final costs and ensure that you’re on the same page regarding design. With years of remodeling experience under our belt, our team at Cullum Homes can easily answer all your questions and ensure your space is exactly what you want it to be. 

The Scottsdale Renovation Process

Scottsdale renovations mimic a similar process to that of a remodel but with a slight twist. Renovations keep the original structure of the home intact, meaning that there might be a bit less demolition than during a remodel.  We’ll break down the steps of a home renovation so you’re prepared for the process when your professional home renovation team arrives.

  1. Make a plan. Similar to a remodel, you’ll want to establish a renovation plan. This will include identifying current home features you’d like to keep and where a more modern renovation can occur. 
  2. Review the blueprint. Before any construction, go over the blueprint to ensure that all areas are covered and your ideas were incorporated into the design. 
  3. Complete any demolition needed. Since a renovation often uses existing structures, there’s a bit less demolition that goes into this process. Still, there may be cabinets you’d like replaced or a wall that needs to be removed to make space for a new feature. 
  4. Renovate the space. This is where the modern take on your current space will occur. 
  5. Add finishing touches. Add in any small adjustments that will complete your space and marvel in the way your home has changed. 
  6. Complete a walkthrough. Have your builder walk you through your upgraded home to ensure that everything is up to standard and is exactly how you envisioned. 

Since this process requires fewer steps to redesign your space, it typically has a slightly lower cost. The price may vary depending on location or certain aspects of the renovation that are specific to your space. We recommend discussing final costs with your home renovation team during the planning stage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Paradise Valley. Can your team complete a renovation here?

Yes! We can complete renovations in all parts of Scottsdale, including Paradise Valley, Old Town, North and South Scottsdale, Desert Mountain, Silverleaf, and McCormick Ranch.

Is it more cost-effective to renovate a home or buy a new one?

Since remodels and renovations are based on each individual room in your home, it’s more cost-effective to remodel or renovate your space than to buy an entirely new home. However, if you intend to remodel your entire home, you may also want to consider hiring a custom luxury home builderto create your dream home from the ground up. 

How do I know whether I need a renovation or a remodel?

As mentioned above, it depends on the look you’d like for your home. If you love the original structure and are just looking for a modern take on the space, a renovation may be right for you. A complete change in the structure of your home leans more toward a remodel. 

Do I need licensing or certain approval to renovate or remodel my home?

Depending on the changes you’re looking to make to your home, you may need city approval or your contractor may need to acquire licensing. This primarily happens if you’re planning to expand your home. Interior changes often don’t require anything specific. 


Looking for a Home Renovation or Remodel in Scottsdale? 

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