Families change, lifestyles change but your home doesn’t have to. Our Renovations Division is uniquely qualified to update your current home to better suit evolving needs, desires and requirements.
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Our unique process ensures performance at the highest levels of integrity, business ethics, and outstanding results. Every aspect of our relationship with you is carefully attended to, from our first meeting until the last day of a project, and beyond.
Cullum Homes recently completed a remodel of our Paradise Valley home. The scope of work was extensive. During this process of the interior remodel, they were always diligent in making certain the untouched areas of the home were sealed off and kept impeccably clean. When the interior was completed, we redesigned our exterior front yard. During this entire remodel, the Cullum Homes superintendent stayed in constant contact with us regarding their progress. Even more refreshing was the fact that they met all of their predetermined timelines and remained on the project until its completion. The professionalism and quality of workmanship that Cullum Homes provided us was impeccable.
-Remodel Client, Paradise Valley