With the hot weather already upon us, it is a good time for our Home Concierge Division to tackle some larger home projects to prepare the Cullum home you live in for the hot summer months ahead. We spoke with our Home Concierge Division to get some tips on how we can prepare your Cullum home for the summer season. 

Summer Home maintenance checklist

  • Overgrown trees trimmed to avoid roof damage: With all of the spring time growth, we often find tree limbs growing into the roof or walls. This can cause costly damage. 
  • Roof inspections: Monsoon season is not too far away. Let’s make sure your roof is in good condition to try to avoid costly roof leaks. 
  • Foam roof re-coats. Foam roofs require maintenance. The intense Arizona sun, hail, woodpeckers and even bees can cause damage to the foam. We recommend a new top coat every 5-7 years. By keeping the top coat in good shape, you will protect the base coat and prevent leaks. 
  • HVAC maintenance: Depending on the type of system, we recommend that you change the filters every 30 days. If your home has a new VRV system, we recommend changing the filters at least twice a year.

  • Windows cleaned: This is the time of year to enjoy the beautiful views AZ has to offer.
  • Pest control: Did you know that we partner with a pest control service? If you have issues with bugs, scorpions, or birds, we can help.
  • Rodent protection: This often goes overlooked until a costly repair is needed from rodents chewing through a wire or plumbing pipe. If you would like to stay ahead of the problems this can cause, we can come out and have rodent protection installed. We can also set traps that are checked weekly.
  • Summer home inspections while you are away: If you leave for a few weeks or even a few months, Cullum Homes offers home checks while you are away. This is custom-tailored to each home and the wants of the homeowners. You will receive reports on the condition of your home while you are away.