Live Your Legacy in an Estate Home

What does your dream home look like? Now expand that idea even further to contain the most outlandish details. Would you like a place to display your motorcycle? An area to practice golf inside? A pool oasis that blends with the Arizona landscape? Cullum Homes is in the business of making the incredible possible with our custom estate homes. An estate home isn’t just a beautiful custom-built home, it is your legacy. It is your vision made reality by an expert team of architects and interior designers.

Award-Winning Custom Homes Builders in Arizona

Cullum Homes was named the National Custom Home Builder of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders. There is a reason for this. We are the experts in bringing the most intricate details to life. We begin with the best team of professionals the industry has to offer. They have experience in hearing your vision and anticipating what needs to happen to bring it to life. Our architects, interior designers, and construction team attend to your every need from conception. And our all-inclusive services do not stop there. Our home concierge service gives you the power to run your home exactly the way you want to without lifting a finger. 

All-Inclusive Concierge Services

From the first design meeting, we are strategizing all the best ways to meet your needs. Our architects make your vision a practical plan, and our interior designers fill your home with beautiful, high-end furniture. Once your home is complete and ready for you to move-in, we hand you over to our home concierge team. We can arrange for housekeeping at the intervals you need. We know all the best services to maintain your landscaping the way you envisioned. We can even create custom services for whatever you may find you need for maintenance as you live in your new custom home estate. No other team covers you with such a detailed array of services. When you choose Cullum Homes, you choose the best.

The Luxury is in the Details

Our experience is in creating homes that no one has ever seen before. Our architects know how to make creative structures that astound and delight. Our interior designers know about the best products the industry has to offer in convenience and luxury. These teams create a seamless building experience. We know that you want your home to hold you and cater to your needs so that you can relax. We also know you want the conception and construction stages to be painless and exciting. When we build your home, it works for you. Partner with us and we will guarantee your satisfaction. Let us co-create your life with you. 

Build a Custom Estate Home in the Arizona Landscape

To build a custom estate home, the first step is choosing the perfect homesite. We have reserved sites in some of the most incredible places and gated communities in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Whether you are looking to build in Phoenix, Desert Mountain, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Silverleaf, or other spots around the Valley, we have the land and the team that will exceed your expectations. Take a moment today to think about your wildest dreams for home building in Arizona. What are the details you think cannot be realized? Tell us. Let us show you how it can be done. Are you ready to start realizing your dream home? Get in touch with us today. Let us show you what is possible.